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It all started with a vision

I remember seating on the slopes of Mt Everest in 2018 looking at the world's highest glacier from the Tibetan side. The view from the top gives a perfect vision showing where climate change is taking us.

I realised after talking to sherpa climbers and local helpers that I had to do something more than simply climbing mountains selfishly. Well, I am a huge part of this climate problem as a climber but I didn't really know how to take action. I have no scientific knowledge to talk about it  (there are so many misconceptions to avoid regarding climate change) and I am not a famous athlete able to influence others. 

Despite this, I knew I could take action through hard work. I had this desire and willpower I never had before simply racing professionally to create apparels using my knowledge (I have been wearing lycra and polyester for more than 20 years) and combing it with the best sustainable efforts.

Feel. running is born out of this vision to add value and meaning to our purchase and sports lifestyle! 

Foggy Mountains

Carole Fuchs
Feel Founder

Professional Athlete & Climate Advocate

Former Pro-triathlete 

Trail-runner and mountaineer

Carole is a French professional mountain athlete and founder of Feel. She has climbed 8000 m peaks in the Himalayas including Mt Everest and is passionate about all things running and endurance. Mountain addict and nature lover, she is actively involved in the protection of our ecosystems and fight against climate change. 


FEEL's Mission

FEEL designs and produces sportswear using recycled and sustainable fabrics to make sure the plastic we create stays to a minimum. 

The clothes industry is the second biggest source of pollution after big oil. FEEL takes action to transforming environmental threads into innovation and resources and give a new meaning to the sports apparel we use in our daily life.

Pushing the boundaries very far when it comes to sustainable product creation and sustainable use of all types resources to make products with a better impact for the planet and its people. 


Building awareness and showing how athletes can all care about the environment is our duty.

We have a big community behind us to face the challenges ahead and  raise our voices against the pollution generated by the outdoor industry. 


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