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Best Running Singlets For The Planet

Looking for the best running singlet?

I have been asked yesterday if Feel would make singlets too and amazing coincidence, they are ready!

Tested by Naoyuki Okuno, elite road runner from Japan and myself, professional trail-runner from France! What's so special you would ask us? Most running clothes are mostly made of plastic by the fast fashion system, our fabric is totally customised for Feel's products: a bamboo and recycled plastic blend. The natural bamboo fibres makes it so smooth and keep odours away and the recycled plastic keeps PET bottles away from the sea shore.

Amazing what we can do with this fully customised fabric: I ordered 160kg of this special fabric and now we have t-shirts, shorts and singlets!

All made one step at a time to avoid dead stock and waste. 10 pieces for girls / 10 pieces for boys in stock for now. So you won't see crowds with the same singlet!

If you need one for summer think sustainable running and support this micro brand!

With love for our planet and the running community.

Carole Fuchs

Feel founder

Professional Trail-runner and mountaineer

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